You take a bite of apple and probably don’t think on how long and hard your body works to digest this bite. First it is in the mouth. Food is chewed and saliva mixes with it. Then in the throat food is moved to the food tube. In the food tube, this is the esophagus, food is squeezed to the stomach. In the stomach food is mashed and churned to paste. Stomach juices mix with it. In the first part of the small intestine intestinal juices mix with food and digest it. In the rest of the small intestine digestion is complete. Some nutrients are absorbed. In the large intestine the rest of the nutrients are absorbed. Last in the rectum unusable parts of the food are stored until released from the body.

Bottled Water VS. Tap Water



Have you ever wondered how water got so crystal clear? If you have seen river water or the ocean it is greenish yellowish not clear. Your tap water has chemicals to make it clear. It is from a spring river, which is ranked 26 dirtiest water on the planet. You probably don’t want to drink tap water. What about bottled water? Let us use a fairly common brand, Dasani. If you have it in your hand you should think about the deadly chemicals in it. Springfield water is home to animals like alligators, insects and, many more. The main ingredient is potassium chloride. This is a deadly chemical that can kill you. This is an advertising trick that many people fall for any given day. Some brands tell the truth. Such as Fiji water. It has a high price because they care for their water and get it clean without using chemicals. Think it before you drink it! PICK FIJI!

Tree decorating


I am decorating my Christmas tree. One has golden beads and baby snowmen. The other has ornaments that are either bought or homemade. There is a decoration that is me riding a reindeer. One of my brother in pee school…I mean preschool. He is so cute with curly hair. Now, it is flat. There is another of Sebastian, when we first got him. And another of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet. Here is a joke for you: Why was Tigger in the toilet? He was looking for poo! I love Tom and Jerry, and I have an ornament of them together. Last I have a homemade gingerbread. It is sparkly and decorated with a solid red paint for eyes, nose, and mouth. What are your ornaments like?



What is the most irresistible Thanksgiving dish you can think of?

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Mine would be good old cherry pie.

The plump cherries ooze out of the warm, crunchy crust.

for most people, the first thing is turkey.

Light meat and dark meat combined is just so umm.. perfect!

Another common one is the gravy, over whipped or mashed potatoes.

Smooth or chunky this is a holiday favorite.

I am now starting a segment called “Flip a Bible” it is when I randomly open the bible and point to somewhere random. Here goes!

Job 13 says:

“Who appointed him over Earth?

Who put him in charge of the whole world?”