What is the most irresistible Thanksgiving dish you can think of?

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Mine would be good old cherry pie.

The plump cherries ooze out of the warm, crunchy crust.

for most people, the first thing is turkey.

Light meat and dark meat combined is just so umm.. perfect!

Another common one is the gravy, over whipped or mashed potatoes.

Smooth or chunky this is a holiday favorite.

I am now starting a segment called “Flip a Bible” it is when I randomly open the bible and point to somewhere random. Here goes!

Job 13 says:

“Who appointed him over Earth?

Who put him in charge of the whole world?”

2 thoughts on “TEMPTATION

    • Hi!I am thankful for him too. I have started reading a page of the bible each day. It is super exiting to read these interesting,unique phrases. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had a great time at Thanksgiving. Be here for another segment of “Flip the Bible”.:)

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