Bottled Water VS. Tap Water



Have you ever wondered how water got so crystal clear? If you have seen river water or the ocean it is greenish yellowish not clear. Your tap water has chemicals to make it clear. It is from a spring river, which is ranked 26 dirtiest water on the planet. You probably don’t want to drink tap water. What about bottled water? Let us use a fairly common brand, Dasani. If you have it in your hand you should think about the deadly chemicals in it. Springfield water is home to animals like alligators, insects and, many more. The main ingredient is potassium chloride. This is a deadly chemical that can kill you. This is an advertising trick that many people fall for any given day. Some brands tell the truth. Such as Fiji water. It has a high price because they care for their water and get it clean without using chemicals. Think it before you drink it! PICK FIJI!

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